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eClimail - en/4 vom 29 September 2016


Climate Alliance news

International Climate Alliance Conference and General Assambly

5 - 8 October 2016 in Krems an der Donau, Austria

Representatives from municipalities and sustainability-minded organisations across Europe as well as indigenous representatives of the Amazon rainforest will gather in Krems, Austria from 5 to 8 October under the motto "A Culture of local climate action - mainstreaming good practice". You are cordially invited to this unique event! The Climate Alliance General Assembly, taking place in the framework of the conference, is set for 6 October from 14:00 to 16:00. Feel free to have a look at the 2015 Annual report as preparation for the assembly.

2016 Climate Star - Exemplary climate action

6 October 2016 in Grafenegg Castle, Austria

On the evening of 6 October, the Climate Star Gala will see 15 victorious municipal projects honoured with Climate Star Awards for exemplary climate actions. As in past Climate Star competitions, numerous projects and initiatives were submitted for the seventh edition of the Climate Star, each demonstrating the commitment and strength of the local level in climate action and energy policy. In 2016 the Climate Star Awards Gala, on invitation of the Government of Lower Austria, is taking place within the framework of the International Climate Alliance Conference.

A strong alliance for climate justice

With the word ‘climate justice’ Climate Alliance describes its work in the field of North-South cooperation and emphasises that climate change is not merely an environmental issue. The term also incorporates the concept of environmental justice lending a broader and more global meaning. The classic notion of north-south cooperation has thus been extended to include the concept of fair development for all – in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Here you will find Climate Alliance materials about climate justice:

Getting ready for the International Climate Summit in Marrakech (COP22)

7 - 18 November 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco

Climate Alliance is getting ready for the international climate negotiations with the co-organisation of a side-event and participation in the Second Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders. As in last year’s COP in Paris, committed local leaders will take up the role of Climate Alliance COP-Ambassadors. The names of these ambassadors are to be unveiled at the International Annual Conference in Krems - stay tuned!

COP side event: Local and national climate action in a governance perspective
11 November 2016

Second Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders
14 November 2016

Climate Alliance event

Get involved with GRETA - Near-Surface Geothermal Energy in the Alps

4 October 2016 in Munich, Germany

GRETA (Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space) aims to improve sustainable production of renewable geothermal energy in the Alpine region, thus contributing to a redution CO2 emissions. GRETA offers the possibility to exchange knowledge and best practices for the utilisation of Near-Surface Geothermal Energy in the alpine space, identifies the potential for near-surface geothermal energy in the region and offers technical information for planners and local authorities. Are you a municipal representative in the alpine area? Then we cordially invite you to get involved with GRETA and benefit from project results. Join us at our meeting on 4 October in Munich.

Around the world

New EU study: Europe a key player in global land grabbing

On request of the European Parliament, the Dutch Institute for Social Studies (ISS) and the human rights organisation FIAN submitted a comprehensive survey on the participation of European companies and financial players in global land grabbing. The result of the study: The role of Europe in land grabbing and human rights violations is widely underestimated. The bioethanol project of the Swiss company Addax in Sierra Leone is used as an example in the study. Many European development banks have supported this project with loans or grants.

Getting involved

PEACE_Alps supports municipalities in implementing climate action concepts

“Join efforts for sustainable and concrete energy solutions - Report on Mutual Learning Approaches” is the title of a new, coherent and clear guideline which has been developed by Climate Alliance and its project partners in the framework of the PEACE_Alps project. The described learning opportunities address responsible professionals and decision makers in municipalities and include opportunities for productive exchange including study tours, workshops, training, mentoring programs and SWOT analysis. The approaches not only provide a platform for the mutual exchange of knowledge, but also facilitate a continuous evaluation, adaptation and improvement.

The Mobile Green Living Room – a feast for the senses

Bursting with scent and colour, the Green Living Room not only offers a social space for people to meet, but also provides a habitat for wildlife, reduces heat islands, diminishes storm water runoff, reduces noise pollution and absorbs carbon dioxide. The Mobile Green Living Room is a unique exhibition that allows people to experience green infrastructure with a very hands on approach. It gives local authorities the opportunity to appreciate the visual and aesthetic benefits a Green Living Room can offer urban locations and assess the functional use of green infrastructure. The idea was developed in the German town of Ludwigsburg within the framework of the EU-funded project TURAS in which Climate Alliance is participating. The city administration wanted to create a green oasis for its residents in the inner city district but had little space to spare – only an old car park. It was there that the now popular Green Living Room was built. The Green Living Room will be featured from 5 to 7 October during the International Climate Alliance Conference in Krems. Come check it out!

International Passive House Days

11 - 13 November 2016 worldwide

During this weekend in November, Passive House buildings worldwide will be open for public viewing. Passive House buildings are not only energy efficient. They are also comfortable, healthy and cost-effective - and therefore a wise investment for municipalities.

Amazon news

Rainforest along the Tapajós river saved

Success for the Mundurukú! Plans for a mega dam in São Luiz have been rejected by the IBAMA, Brazil's environmental agency. The state energy agency Elektrobrás had previously spent seven years trying to receive the green light for the planned hydroelectric project. According to the Klimaretter magazine, the 7.6 km long mega dam would have produced 8,000 megawatts of electricity. “Now we will continue to fight against the other dams on our river,” affirms the indigenous leader Arnaldo Kabá Mundurukú. Brazil's government is planning 42 more dams along the Tapajós. Climate Alliance has reported before on the government’s years of neglect of indigenous rights. Warnings from environmentalists that the construction will destroy huge areas of species-rich jungle have long been ignored.

Peru: No National Park in Loreto!

In the Peruvian rainforest region of Loreto, indigenous communities are fighting to stop the transformation of the Zona Reservada Yaguas into a National Park that would deny their access to their ancestral land. The area not only forms the basis of their livelihood, it is also the basis of their traditional knowledge and teachings. Their demand: the creation of a Reserva Comunal under community leadership. Climate Alliance fully supports this demand.

National Day of Indigenous Peoples in Surinam

On 9 August, the state of Suriname and its indigenous communities celebrated the 10th anniversary of the National Day of Indigenous Peoples. The day is commemorated out of respect to Suriname's indigenous peoples. The day remembers continuing indigenous struggles against years of violence, oppression and persecution. Climate Alliance congratulates its indigenous partners for achieving this needed recognition.

Grants and funding programmes

New initiative to trigger investments for sustainable energy

The Sustainable Energy Investment Forums (SEI Forums) is a brand new initiative of the European Commission coordinated by Climate Alliance. Kick-started in June, it aims to trigger investments in energy efficiency and renewables in various EU Member States. These goals will be achieved by capacity-building at the local and regional levels, permanent national stakeholder dialogues and EU wide exchanges. First stop: the Baltic States energy efficiency investment conference in early November. This is a first-of-a-kind initiative closely linked to European policy proposals on energy efficiency and financing, due to be revealed next month. For further information please contact Andy Deacon <>.

Tools and materials

New tool to tackle investment barriers to energy efficiency in local authorities

The barriers guidance tool of the CITYnvest project helps local authorities overcome specific barriers when designing and implementing their energy efficiency renovation programmes. Common barriers include low demand from building owners, limited staff resources in the local authority and a lack of Energy Service Companies on the market. Depending on the barrier a local authority faces, the tool recommends specific actions and helps identify reference models that have dealt with similar challenges.

Saving energy and money with the EDI-Net initiative

The amount of smart meters is increasing within complex energy systems - such as in local authorities. The EDI-Net (Energy Data Innovation Network) initiative focusses on the use of smart metres to help save both energy and money. EDI-Net is analysing short-term consumption data from electricity, gas, water and district heating in public buildings, power generation plants and building energy management systems. The initiative also helps decision makers, financial planners and building managers use the information gained via the measurement data to draw up financial plans for energy and water consumption. The knowledge, experiences and best practices gained are then shared via an online forum and various workshops, thus supporting public authorities during the implementation of their sustainable energy and climate action plans. For further information, please subscribe for the EDI-Net Newsletter:

Green ProcA project awards sustainable public procurement

Twelve European initiatives were honoured with the “Green Public Procurement (GPP) Award” for their outstanding local efforts in sustainable public procurement. The municipality of Salve in Italy, the city of Lębork in Poland and the Federal Procurement Agency in Vienna received a gold award. The winners, their projects and inspiring stories are presented in this brochure:

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